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Celestial sword
[ Download from this server (1.8 Kb) ] 08.03.2013, 3:26 AM
its one of my pen and paper roleplaying games i made myself. its got no races. but the classes are different classes through time. there are no quests. but i really hope you will play this game.
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4 11254man  

3 Ethanplays  
Where can i find more of your stuff?

5 anorak  
I just recently started working on tabletop rpg's again. For right now this would be the only website that you can find my stuff on.

1 Jordan Neufeld  
sounds cool but if your gonna post it at least have races and classes.

2 anorak  
thanks for the comment. sorry about that, I don't really work on this anymore. this wasn't even one of my good projects. it only took me a couple of hours.

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