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anorak reviews entry 12
fable 3 may not have as many quests as fable 2. and it may not be as long of a game as fable 2. but the co-op is better then the co-op from fable 2. in fable 2 the second player would choose his or her sword. his or her gun. what he or she looks like and that is it. in fable 3 second player goes on the adventure with first player. the npc's still don't realize that second player is there. but second player can. do jobs to earn gold. get a wife and a house and a family. get a partnership with the other player so they share gold and property. they can buy there own clothes and weapons and spells. they can dye there clothes and get there weapons better. this game is better to play with two people. some of the quests are actually awesome and hilarious. altogether i would give this game an 9/10
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