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anorak reviews entry 13
when you think of multiplayer video games what do you think of. of course its mario party. they always got better and better. adding new minigames. up until 8 we wondered what they were going to do for number nine. and then the series had their first bad game. number nine. you collect mini stars. and try not to collect mini ztars. you dont collect normal stars. in this game you all ride in the same vehicle each taking turns being the captain of it. their are no more tag team mini games (which i am pretty sure was removed in number eight). they added boss battles. which are super easy. they added extra little mini games. a copy of wii bowling with koopa shells and goombas. there is also koopa and goomba soccer. both of which are just sports games turned into a mario game by changing one little detail. all and all i give this game a 5/10. which really sucks.
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