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anorak reviews entry 19
as you probably know. dungeon defender 2 is being created currently. so i must review dungeon defender before the second one comes out. the game starts out showing you the beggining video and then choosing the colors from your crystals you must protect. then you choose one of the four starter characters. they all have different skill levels. the monk is the hardest to use and the apprentice is the easiest. you battle through different dungeons and challenges  to level up your character, get new equipment, and get you far enough into the game where you end up buying expansion packs. this game is very fun and i downloaded it and played it the next day and my character was already level 10. she (i am a guy, but my character is not) is series ev and her name is anorak. she uses freaking laser cannons. she is an expansion pack for the game. you should seriously get this game and lots of expansions packs. lots of them. and there are lots of them. new characters, missions, challenges, and free player created game maps. i give this game a 10/10. one more thing. buy this freaking game.
click this link. its the first level of dungeon defenders. im not doing it though.
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