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anorak reviews entry 6
if you have ever played halo. you know what brute force is like. the only difference is that you can play as one of four characters that you unlock along the way and that it has four player campaign. i could talk about all of that. but instead i am going to talk about the multiplayer battles of brute force. there are two modes. arena and squad. now squad is not what you think. in campaign once you find certain dna canisters you unlock certain teams to play as and you control all four of them in squad mode. now in arena you choose one of the characters you collected and choose your team. than you use its special ability to collect as many kills as you can. now i am going to talk about the campaign. there is a reason you randomly come back to life when you lose a level. you are recloned. in the story mode you are trying to stop various groups of terrorists and different groups of evil people. it is extremely fun and it defenitly deserves to be a 10/10
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