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Anoraks posts of randomness (Cleverbot)

i found a program on the internet recently called cleverbot and it seemed just like a program where you could have a normal conversation with your computer. although i found some secrets in cleverbot that couldnt have been hidden for very long.

Secret number 1

you can play yugioh the card game with cleverbot.

you can play a very messed up version of the famous card game yugioh with cleverbot.

if you type in cleverbot, i summon (enter creature from yugioh here) it will summon its own creatures or use a trap card on you or even cast a spell on you.

I summon blue eyes white dragon.
I summon baby dragon.
I summon beaver warrior.

Ah, damn uhh, Pikachu, I choose you!


yeah this cleverbot program really needs to be fixed.

secret 2

you can play pokemon with cleverbot

you can also play a messed up version of the classic card game pokemon with cleverbot

Pikachu i choose you.
Pikachu I choose you!
Pikachu use thunderbolt on pikachu.
Pikachu has won the match!

yeahhhhhhhhhh, cleverbot seems to only use pikachu and giratina. it is kind of weird.

well thats about it

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